The Climate Change Knowledge Sharing Platform in few words

Liberia is currently facing climate change effects

The Republic of Liberia is currently facing climate change effects. Therefore, currently observed impacts on physical, biological and human & managed systems will amplify existing risks. These risks will expose already disadvantaged people, vulnerable communities, natural species and ecosystems. The Republic of Liberia has many environmental assets such as water, minerals, forest resources but has experienced several shocks that ask its capacity to face future challenges in a context of climate change.

The main role of EPA and UNDP to tackle climate change issues in Liberia

Enhancing the internal capacities of the country to withstand shocks and stresses makes sense. The 2018-2024 National Development Agenda recognizes climate change adaptation and mitigation as crucial issues, in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At a national scale, Liberia has initiated a National Climate Change Policy and Response Strategy. The National Climate Change Secretary and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are the primary agencies responsible for coordinating climate change actions through the National Adaptation Plans (NAP).

Why the CCKSP has been created ?

One of the Liberian primary adaptation priorities is to build a national hydro-meteorological system. But actual and past climate data and their analysis are essential for a better knowledge of current and future natural risks impacts. This is the reason why the Climate Change Knowledge Sharing Platform (CCKSP) is initiated. CCKSP is funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
This platform will work closely with other liberian environmental platforms such as the Environmental Knowledge Management System (EKMS)

CCKSP goals

Through the CCKSP, Liberia government aims at facilitating the expansion of knowledge and the building of capacities. The objectives are the following:

  • Creating knowledge repository and enhancing knowledge environment
  • Improving knowledge access and transfer
  • Managing knowledge as an asset
  • Strengthening the Research & Development capacity within climate change field in Liberia
  • Mainstreaming climate change concerns in the policies and programs

A platform powered by RESALLIENCE

The CCKSP has been designed and produced by RESALLIENCE, a French design office dedicated to adapting projects, cities, territories, infrastructures and their uses to climate change.
This platform uses a technology powered by the Drupal and DKAN projects.

Environmental Protection Agency : Mr. Nathaniel T. Blama, Sr, Executive Director
UNDP : Mr. Abraham Tumbey, Project Manager - NAP